Lichtbob’s Lassie

There are many close relatives of this traditional Scottish song in the English language tradition, both in Britain and across the Atlantic. The narrative here seems to have woven together two versions, one telling the experience of a women following infantrymen (Lichtbobs) and the second a women who follows an itinerant farmer (Leaboy’s Lassie). To me there’s an air of melancholy in the words and in her plight. The beautiful, lilting tune is traditional Scottish and has been used in many other songs. I thought it seemed nice set as almost a lullaby.


Guitar tuning: Csus2 (CGCGCD)


First when I cam' tae the toon
They ca'd me young and bonnie
Noo they've changed my name
Ca' me the licht bob's lassie

First when I cam' tae the toon
They ca'd me prood and sonsie
Noo they've changed my name
They ca' me the licht bob's honey

I'll die my petticoats red
And tie them wi' a yellow
I'll tell the dyser lad
That the licht bob I'm tae follow

Feather beds are soft
And painted rooms are bonnie
But I would leave them a'
And jog along wi' Johnny

Oh my heart's been sair
Shearin' Craigie's corn
I winnae see him the nicht
But I'll see him the morn


For this Saturday nicht,
Syne I’ll see my dearie,
He’ll come whistlin’ in,
When I’m sae tired and weary



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