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Latest News

  • Spring Tour

    • I'm really looking forward to getting back to the gigging this month. Starting this week, I'll be in Kent, Suffolk, Bedford, Sussex, Berkshire, London, Bristol, Sheffield, Bradford and elsewhere besides! Have a look over on the gigs page for details and tickets.

  • 'In Session' Videos

    • I've been doing a bunch of 'Live In Session' videos for the good people at Folk Radio UK. I took some of the songs people had requested and a few others I chose and had them recorded and filmed. You can watch them now over on the video page of the website here. There's Boots of Spanish Leather, Arthur McBride, The Granite Cage and Banks of Marble.

  • In Session With Folk Radio UK

    • Following requests, I recently went into the studio to sing some songs live - just me, the guitar and one mic - and have them filmed. I did one song from each of my albums and a couple of ones I've not recorded to date, including a song I've recently penned. Folk Radio UK will be featuring these 'live sessions' over the next few months. You can watch the first, my arrangement of Dylan's beautiful Boots of Spanish Leather, here. Hope you enjoy them.

  • Out On Tour!

    • It's that time of year and starting this month, February, I'm back out on the road and playing gigs all over. There's some old favourites coming up, both towns and venues, as well as some places that previously I've never got to, including my first trip out to Germany.

      I'll be taking to the road with my guitar and my banjo, some new songs I've written, a few new arrangements and of course the old songs too. Get your requests in early...or forever hold your peace. Spread the word and hope to see you out there somewhere or other.

  • New Single Released

    • I wrote a song recently that tells the story of the perilous journey of a migrant crossing the Mediterranean. I'm releasing it now as a download-only single, all proceeds going to the fantastic charity Doctors Without Borders. You can get the track here or on the Music page. Thanks a lot for all your support!

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