Summer Festivals

I’ll be playing at a bunch of the festivals this Summer, from Beverley to Sidmouth to Shambala. As well as playing a set at the brilliant Fire In the Mountain, I’ll also be hosting ‘The Singers Fire’ along with some great fellow musician friends. Look out for some video we’ll try and capture of a few of the round-the-fire songs. I’m also playing a few of the Breaking the Spell of Loneliness shows with George Monbiot – Hay Festival, Brighton Festival and Sidmouth.

Spring Solo Tour

I’m back to solo UK gigging in a week or so and I’ll be winding my way all over once again, with a bunch of gigs in both England and Scotland. As is often the case I’ll be playing some old favourites (The Glad in Glasgow, Goose Is Out in London, and a return to the site of my first ever gig, The Grove) and some ones that are totally new to me too (a renovated mine in Egremont and an old saltcellar vault in Bristol). I’ll have a handful of new songs for the tour – get any requests (and your tickets!) in early.

BBC World Service Session

Last week I played a live session on the BBC World Service show from Oxford Literary Festival. I had the privilege to be up on stage with some inspiring characters, writers and thinkers – and they had the privilege to be up on stage with a banjo! I was playing excerpts of my songs Reclaim the Street and I’m Coming Home and having a quick chat too.

You can have a listen back to the show here…